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It's been six months since the last Half-Life: Alyx Living Gnome Saga video but in fairness, the Gnome singing the entire Sonic Underground theme tune is a finale in itself

Podquistion (-) 

I feel slightly bad that I dropped this podcast at the end of 2021 after listening to it every single week for four years, even though the co-hosts absolutely haven't said or done anything wrong. Unfortunately, it had stopped being fun and was just making me feel stressed and exhausted. Once you're consuming anything out of a sense of obligation, that's usually a sign that you should stop.

I worked with and on a game for the GMTK Game Jam!! come check it out~!

You should already own Pixross through Itch's Palestinian Aid/Bundle for Ukraine. But if you don't, it's free on Itch for the next 24 hours:

Humble Bundle, bad game by bad developer 

Yeah, I'm not buying or endorsing a deckbuilding bundle that includes Cultist Simulator, not sorry

This week I discovered that the pianist who performed the Build Music from The Sims 1, John R. Burr has an album with similar piano music:

Into the Breach has received a free Advanced Edition expansion which adds more squads, pilots, enemies, weapons and mechanics:

Been playing Slay the Spire again. Winning as Ironclad is straightforward, Silent's poison can become amazingly OP, but have yet to make Defect work. Have tried a Lightning Invoke build but lack of Focus means my damage output isn't scaling before Act 2. Maybe I should focus on Frost instead.

TheRealJims is perhaps the most insightful YouTube channel that's dedicated to Simpsons reviews and analysis. This week they charted the rise and fall of Jerkass Homer, highlighting how this characterisation coincided with the ever-changing cultural zeitgeist and actually represents a mere blip in the show's increasing history:

Can't believe The Simpsons ripped off my fursona 19 years before I created him

awful UK comedian 

Cry about it into your 12 million quid that you avoided paying tax on, mate

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awful UK comedian 

The fact that Jimmy Carr went on Peterson's podcast a few months ago to moan about "cancel culture" (i.e. being criticised for making shitty, tasteless "jokes" about minorities) might be the funniest thing he's ever done. What a pathetic, fragile little man.

Someone spent more than 5.6 million yen ($40,000) on Nintendo stock, just to ask if they were planning to revive F-Zero during a shareholder meeting (they dodged the question)

The President of Sri Lanka has announced his resignation after protestors stormed his palace and set the Prime Minister's house on fire:

There was some new Homestar Runner earlier this week (which YouTube didn't deliver to anyone's subscription feeds). This time, Strong Sad shows off the expansion deck for Trogdor!! The Board Game

Doctor Who, accidental innuendo 

I'm listening to a Big Finish audio on Spotify called Blood of the Daleks. It takes place on a human colony called Red Rocket Rising. I don't think anyone told them...

tf joke, twitter link 

I swear this product is a blatant horse TF trigger and also where can I import some

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