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wait I'm actually writing now this isn't what I thought would happen when I posted this

It was in the middle point between when I was just growing up and when I started actually forming my own thoughts about the games.

Unleashed was my first favorite that I decided was my favorite on my own. <3 No watching other people make the case for it or anything, just... me

I like having a top 5 Sonic games off the top of my head ^-^

1. Sonic Forces
2. Sonic Unleashed
3. Sonic Adventure 2
4. Shadow the Hedgehog
5. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Can you believe I used to not be able to name one favorite Sonic game?

I periodically forget that Sonic Adventure 2 is really really better than it has any right to be

second-favorite in 5 words:

furry dad raises guardian son

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Team Sonic Racing is Sonadow propaganda and I'm here for it

Sega is doing so much fucking fan-service lately--emphasis on "fan," singular, because they're making so many things *exclusively* just for me

This after the entire existence of Sonic Forces has me VERY suspicious.

Next thing I know they're gonna be having Sonic go on a date with Rouge! When will it end???

... ... ... I mean, hopefully not *before* we get to see Sonic go on a date with Rouge, but, I digress. >.>

They say "Whisper the Wolf" is like a pun on Wisps but I'm not buying it.

Clearly it's more likely that Sega has been spying on me 'cause I HAVE AN ACTUAL FRIEND NAMED WHISPER I MET NOT TOO LONG AGO

I detest virtually every Sonic-related fan website so I'm gonna just be looking at the tweets and not liking them xP

Don't even get me STARTED on how bullshit it would've been if they put you through a whole Shadow boss fight only to have it turn out to not be the real Shadow and the real Shadow shows up so afterwards you're just left feeling like "huh so that meant... Nothing"

Classic Sonic and Chaos have no history together, they have no dynamic (Classic Sonic isn't even afraid of water like Modern is!!!) it just

it would've been a complete waste of time IMHO

The idea of Classic Sonic facing Chaos is a cute fan-service-y idea that I feel would ultimately waste time if given too much of the game's time

a boss fight between Classic Sonic and Chaos would've been meaningless bullshit and I'm glad it was kept to just a cutscene

just read a fake-looking leak for Sonic Forces DLC and

it's, like, claiming there'll be "Story DLC" but

what it actually leaves there doesn't seem to do much of anything for the story. X.X

Someone in the same universe as me has said something to the effect of "a leak happened and there's gonna be Sonic Forces DLC revealed at Comic-Con" and

Now I expect like way too much from this "Way Past Cool Panel"

Echo Fighter: a character in the Super Smash Bros. video game series who plays similarly to other characters while being visually distinct from the original character and also having other small differences

Ecco Fighter: the enemies in Ecco the Dolphin who fight Ecco the Dolphin