Silly question considering my followers list, but...

How many of you would want to be turned into your furry self RL?

I keep getting told that most of the fandom is fine with staying human and wouldn't want to change into their furry persona. That having furry dismorphic feels is not normal.

(Also I almost said that most furries don't want to be their persona, but want to have sex with them. But that's too cynical.)

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@Nikon Depends on how 'normal' the process is. If I'm the only one, no. If everyone gets a custom body of their choosing, heck yeah.

@Mycroft @Nikon Kinda this. Also depending how seriously we take turning into 'your furry self': if we took it literally Austin in real life would be ten years past death, which wouldn't be much fun. And it would mean giving up a lot of things I really like, such as pinball and roller coasters.

Make it something like, I feel tired, I go off being a sometimes-clay nonanthro coati, though? Oh, yes, that would be impossibly sweet.

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