This raccoon just fell off the bed, when I put them back, they fell into this "hey" pose.

Oh, this foxie is one of my oldest plush. Picked up in San Diego in 98 (I think) thus making this one old enough to drink, and possibly older than some of the furs in the fandom.

My bed has been invaded by some of my plushies who were jealous of the pokemon getting photos.

(note this is not all my plush. People kept giving me raccoon plush, to the point that if I pulled them all out, I would not have a bed.)


Amazon Strike, Media 

Finally! After a month and a half I have a bed!
(been sleeping in my partners beds)

Feel a bit more moved in.

I feel about the same as the last time I tried Buca. As illustrated by Luprand.


RPG books. 

I found something I have been looking for for almost 20 years.

Evergreen Nights by Lisa Lougheed.

This is the soundtrack to The Raccoons, and was recently re-released. What I didn't know was that it is a limited edition of 500.


Moved in, but now to unpack everything. This is going to take a while.

Getting some last shots of the city that has hosted me for the last 11 years. I don't want to leave

Saw much pettiness yesterday (and no cell signal)
is a under visited park.
On the Colorado side, we were almost the only ones there. And the quiet was nice. Even if it freaked out @ErinBalloon

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