This is so cute. I've been plushed by @Erin
I could really use a hug now.

Today, @foxiepaws introduced me to Affinity photo software. I think this just the tool I need for panos and HDRs. I just did one of each in a fraction of the time it use to take. Will be picking it up for $25.

By the way, I've been playing a bunch of with my partners. Been having fun being a foxie.

By the way, if anyone is upgrading their computer in the near future, I'm looking for an upgrade. Right now I've got a AMD FX-6300, a CPU released in 2012, and an NVIDIA 750ti, a card from 2014. If anyone can help please poke me.

From the birbsite:

RT what to do when the microraccoon already has wings?

I got @trysdyn to help with this. Thanks for the boots for everyone.
Now I've got to do this part.

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I'm needing some help with my Communications homework.
"This project is asking you to pick a profession, job, career or volunteer activity you would like to learn more about and then interview someone within that field."
I need to interview someone that is in System or Network Administration. The instructor did say I could do it via teleconference. Is there anyone that can help me out with this project?

I need some help with my Communications homework. For this week's assignment, I need to "interview three people you know well & ask them questions about what it is like to have a conversation with you." I need two friends that know me well that will take this seriously and not hold back.

Well, I was dreading this chapter on gender for my Comm class but it seems to have gotten it somewhat right.

Ah the power of air pressure. I had an empty water bottle that was sealed with Colorado air prior to Denver. Now that I'm in Iowa, the difference in air pressure has crushed it almost flat.

Slept across Nebraska again. Got into Omaha five hours late. Really hope I make my connection in Chicago.

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