Feeling a bit intimidated by my Security+ Homework. I just opened up four machines, and the one that scares me is the one running Kali Linux.
I've also got windows open with stock Ubuntu, SecurityOnion, and Damn Vulnerable Linux.
This is going to be interesting.

I need to listen to this song more often. Mainly because of the message. Sonic is secondary.

Doing homework, I got rather behind. Been also making my own Cisco IOS cheat sheet as I go along, as I know I won't memorize every command.


Thank you @rey for the money to renew and update the gender marker on my passport.

Blah, also got around to getting the software for the Security+ class. That's more money than I wanted to spend.

Linux Admin homework done for now. Now on to the overdue CCNA homework.

@hi_cial I've gotten to the point if your comic where I have no idea what is going on anymore. (Happens to me in long running comics.)
I went to reread the story to refresh my memory, and noticed an odd formatting issue.
This is on a 1280x1024 monitor.

So I did end up with two more shinies. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th I've caught so far. I also found one wonder.

Finally a shiny!
Too bad it won't make much headway in battle.

I just noticed something on the letter from the State Department saying I used the wrong form for my passport. They used the correct honorific, even though my gender hasn't been changed on the passport yet.
Maybe there is some hope.

Last semester was easy, this new one is going to require quite a bit more of my time. So, if anyone can help with Linux Admin, Network and Routing, and Security+ I will gladly take the help.
I know I've got @rachel @Kes and @foxwitch that can help. So it won't be as bad as I'm dreading.

Yay! I'm back in the land of Diet Dr Pepper on tap.
(and spicy McChickens)

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Playing @Warcraft and questing though Redridge for Loremaster, and I get this from an NPC. Yep, really out of the loop.

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