Wish for snuggles and hugs right now. Lonely.

@chr You need one of the "HRT Made Me a Dragon" shirts instead. I'm sure they come in dragon sizes.
For example from twitter.com/Turnsky/status/109

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I want to suggest Chrome Circle by Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon.
It has a half kitsune, half dragon antagonist and a cocky mage that drives a Mustang Mark 1.
You should read Born to run First for background. No dragons, but you learn not to mess with an engineer.
Thankfully there is an omnibus of the two books. Chrome Borne.

Oh and Furrymuck is in Chrome Circle.

@fluffy my friends in the area say they get snow every year.

@fluffy that's ? We got more snow than that a few days ago, and due to get more from that storm. Oh, I went to the grocery store yesterday and everything was in stock.
What is up with Seattle?

@fluffy next time, try the cereal on the ice cream. Is yummy.

@Mycroft Oh yes, I need to send you money. Just say how much and where.

@leadore @switchingsocial neat, but not quite what I am looking for. I want to be able to edit existing PDFs. Character sheets are usually offered in PDF, and are meant to be just printed. Writing physically is hard for me, and typing takes about a quarter of the time.

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@Azure what the... I can somewhat get folks are confused about the lack of sexual desire, but soulless? As in giving one would awaken you or something?


@zorinlynx but that would rapidly age all the retirees. The refrigeration is what keeps them fresh longer.

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