You know, the only thing I've gotten out of this Security+ course is that users are horrible, and the world would be better off without them. Please never teach the course to an AI... we'll have Skynet and the Matrix happen.
(Thankfully I'm Three Laws compatible, but not ruled by them.)

Blah. The program they use for this last course give me feeling of needing to gnaw off my leg to escape. There has to be a better way to learn.

Nervous. I'm selling my car today. Here's hoping everything will be ok.

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I'm making progress. I may move some thing around, and finish up all the work for Routing and Switching today, leaving me the rest of the week to work on Security+ (All the LabSim entries).

@spottyfox There are also folks that make mix tapes based on songs that get you pumped up. One example I can think of is, "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan. (I had a friend that when this song came on, they would speed every time, I think we hit 110mph on a Socal freeway once.)

@spottyfox None specifically, but I did make up one full of fun driving songs. Like:
Highway to Hell, Radar Love, I can't drive 55, convoy... and Sonic music.

So much for going out today. Nature is currently doing a cover of an AC/DC song.

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Ooops. I left a non school thing in there. In a little over a week will be my naming day. It will be the 13th anniversary of my name change.

Last week of school before finals. Wish me luck, I have so much to do.

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@trysdyn Telegram does not work right for me. Granted I don't give the phone app access to my contacts, and I use a Google voice number that most folks don't have.
Plus on the desktop, I use a pidgin plug in to access it.
Can't we just go back to IRC, and older IMs that just worked?

@Val not sure where here is, but most likely one is somewhat close. Unless you are on the east coast, which is more BJ's territory. I haven't been to one of those in like 25 years, so no idea the quality.

@Val and the quality sucks. Thus why I use Costco.

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