So, I'm doing a practice exam for one of my finals, and I'm listening to video game battle music while doing so. Is helping!

advice for intrusive thoughts; twitter screenshot 

Blah, sorta sick, feels like my body hates me. Really not wanting to be organic at the moment.

It is done. I have finished all my coursework, and have nothing else to do but study for finals.

@azure Granted of late, the only fan fiction I read are pokemon TF stories.

@azure I find Archive of Our Own a bit difficult to find stories on.

@Austin_Dern I see steps and a door. This could be a giant camera obscure, or made into a house

So, I'm going though the Cisco troubleshooting chapter, and I come across the three primary methods for troubleshooting networks: Bottom-up, Top-down, Divide-and-conquer.

For that last one, is that for troubleshooting, or office nerf wars?

Or when you get sucked in by the MCP?

@Mycroft there are lots of D&D players in Hollywood. I'm sure some will be up to LARPing in front of the camera.
I mean if we can get Vin Diesel The Rock, and Felicity Day in this, it would be awesome.

@trysdyn You just link to the image. Plus that can be solved client side with previewing. I'm not really a fan of previews, as well... you know how the internet is with unexpected body parts.

Oh the snow has started. First big snow of the year. I don't plan on going out for a few days.

@Vordus Thankfully I'm not working at the moment. But I'm so sorry.

Oh no, I just noticed today is December 1st.
That means it's the worse time of the year... Xmas music.

Excuse me while I have some retail PTSD.

Oh, and MiBs (and all the silly stuff they classify) can be found at

I didn't realize I would be doing MiB CBTs today. (MiBs from Cervelet's Addictive Science comic that is.)
So much classifying.

@tiden Happy survived another trip around the sun.

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