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I keep getting dragon book recommendations from @Dragon_Manual, but half of them are Kindle only. I wish authors would release to more platforms, I've got a Nook.
I guess if I want to read them, I'm going to have to break DRM. Which is never fun.

So, I still have to do:
Networking - Packet Tracer - Connecting a Wired and Wireless LAN Topology and Chapter 4 exam.
Wireless security - Papers on "The Impact of Mobile IP" and "Business Applications for Mobile IP"
And that gets me caught up with the past due.

Slowly getting caught up on schoolwork. Had no motivation until recently. Got a couple assignments out of the way. Only 4 left that are overdue.
But I also have a bunch of reading to do.

tf / plushification procedure // 

So, I'm about to learn about tcpdump and wireshark.

Feeling a bit intimidated by my Security+ Homework. I just opened up four machines, and the one that scares me is the one running Kali Linux.
I've also got windows open with stock Ubuntu, SecurityOnion, and Damn Vulnerable Linux.
This is going to be interesting.

Just a question about Steven Universe.

When does it get good?

I've tried to watch it, but can only get a few episodes in before I get bored and find something else to watch. And the title character is so annoying.

So @Kyna is watching Dragon Maid, and got an actual gushing nose bleed from the anime.

I need to listen to this song more often. Mainly because of the message. Sonic is secondary.

There is nothing better on a winter's night than a fresh from the dryer blanket. Said blanket being snow leopard rosette patterned, makes it perfect.

Doing homework, I got rather behind. Been also making my own Cisco IOS cheat sheet as I go along, as I know I won't memorize every command.

Another day, more money gone. Why are anti depression drugs so expensive. Had to pay $60 at Costco for Buproprion and Trazadone. (Thankfully 90 day supplies.) If anyone can help with the cost of my meds, I would very much appreciate it.


Thank you @rey for the money to renew and update the gender marker on my passport.

Alright I liked discord, but not anymore. Fuck discord. Fuck this. Fucking bastards.

Blah, also got around to getting the software for the Security+ class. That's more money than I wanted to spend.

I've not had the best of week, and slumped into a depression where being asleep was better than being awake. Had therapy yesterday, and got refills on meds. Just got to get back into the rhythm and back on track.
Thankfully there's no class on Monday to give me a chance to get caught up.

Linux Admin homework done for now. Now on to the overdue CCNA homework.

Blah. I should have done all this setup for schoolwork this past week. So far I've had to install Java to get access to NetLab+, going to need to install VirtualBox so I can install some custom CentOS images, and had to install OBS to capture my Admin homework. Blah

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