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Yay, my school just added the option to set your pronouns for all the online coursework. Already updated to they/them.

Dog help me... I wrote furry werewolf fiction and submitted it for my flash fiction writing assignment for school. I submitted furry trash as homework!

Singular they/them pronouns are powerful, damn

Snake art (anthro) 

Got art from Tincrash over on the birdsite.

Why am I so tired today? I feel like I got no sleep last night.

So, doing an upgrade on my computer this weekend. Current specs are all 6+ years old now, and in need of an upgrade. Got a B550 motherboard, a Ryzen 5 2600 and 32gb of ram (in blue!)

Look what UPS did to a package from Newegg. Here's hoping the computer parts inside are okay.

Now I know why truckers have that 11 hour limit. I hit a wall about 90 minutes from home.

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After being on the road for 13 hours, am finally home, safe and sound.

On an epic road trip to pick up one of @raine partners. Made it to Delaware.

So my first big assignment for English class is to write a flash narrative. So I need to pick a genre and narrative. The question is, how furry to make it?

Grey fox kit, short video. 

Kits are now ~4.5 months old.
They seem to have infinite energy, and explore a lot more on their own now.

It was a lovely big pearl, until you dropped it. That's fine, just shrink and curl up, be smooth and shiny, let's put you back in place, nobody will notice...

... until you hatch. Pearl dragon, peeking out of your shell. Feels like you've been waiting there a while... #tf

Just got done doing an assignment that asked me how much I enjoy writing. I hate writing. It hurts so much to write.

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