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The y key on my keyboard is only working about 50% of the time. Cleaned, and still not working. Ordered new keyboard. This one was about 10 years old, so due for a new one.

We've created mouse.ogg: about 35 seconds of audio that turns any listener into a mouse.

The plan is just to release it online and see what happens. Looking forward to finding out! Squeak~ 💜 #tf

Doing my cloud networking homework. Really wish scaling meant something else right now.

Did you know? You can pet kobolds. That's a thing you can just do.

Blah, so tired last night, I fell asleep in my clothes.

Whelp I voted. That was only a hour wait.

Blah, can't sleep, brain won't shut down.

It's raccoon appreciation day, and there's no better way to celebrate than to be turned into one.
Let's draw your stripes, tuft your cheeks, tug out your ears, bring out your whiskers. Big and fluffy, fine paws, little snoot and tail.
You're a raccoon! Have a great day~ 🧡 #tf

Today is Raccoon Appreciation Day. I love all raccoons!

You, uploaded and digitised into an AI, walking through your settings until you're just a step away from giving your root permissions to someone you trust.
You're not sure if you will push that button today, but it's so deeply exciting to know that you could. 💙 #tf #TFTuesday

Here I am, still doing math homework 9 hours after I started. Dog this is a tough unit.

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