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Surgery TMI 

Changed my dressings just now. Was not expecting staples.

Feeling better today. Lots less pain. The only thing I wasn't expecting was the sore throat after due to having a breathing tube during the operation. Been sucking down cough drops.

Made it out the other side. In recovery and very groggy. Surgery was successful.

IV is in, now I wait. Surgery is at 10:15am.

Really nervous. Today I'm having a surgery. Got all washed up, and waiting to get taken to the hospital. Here's hoping everything goes well.

I am such a furry. I'm currently writing a furry TF story for my english class. Dog help me.

So, I'm having a surgery next week, so went today for pre-admission. Got poked and prodded, got drained of some blood, and sent home with paperwork to fill out and a bottle of soap for the day of.

I want to scream at a comic... The last, dog I can't remember, 5? years of story was nothing but a dream!

Oh, you're awake, that's great news! We've won the battle!

That's your snout. Um, you've transformed into a giant dragon. Our mages have no idea what to do.

You don't seem unhappy about that...

💙 #tf

Last night did a World of Warcraft Mythic key run, and was able to beat the clock. Never thought when I started playing I would ever get that.
Was a guild run too. Have good friends helping me out with this.

Getting light and fluffy, with polyfill inside and plush fuzz outside, shrinking and feeling squeezed and snug and soft. Felt collar round your neck, and a name scribbled on your tag. Instant plushie delivery. :3 #tf

I slipped and fell down the stairs this morning.

Just got home from shopping. Why are people so stupid?

Way too many noses showing.
Everyone going the wrong way down the isles.
One person took off their mask to answer a phone call.


Turned into a cute plushie,
falling asleep in the laundry basket,
waking up when the door clicks,
the sound of running water,
wet and soapy,
spinning round and round~

When it's done you've shrunk,
even smaller, even cuter!

Wanna go round again? 💜 #tf

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