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When your hyena looks into your eyes during the ritual,

and you realise:
they're not becoming your familiar,
you're becoming theirs,

and you'll make a lovely fennec; shrinking, baggy clothes, ears growing, snoot and fluff, paws and tail, eeeee~ #tf

Just got my first vaccine shot. I'm waiting for the pain.

This collar isn't a trap. It's a key to unlock your pet side. Free from noisy unneeded thoughts, free to focus on being your adorable self, in the form we designed together for you. It's here for you, when you're ready. 💛 #tf

Why did no one tell me about pass though RJ45 connectors? They look so much easier to wire up.

Just time traveled an hour here. Popped one hour into the future.

Went to the doctor's today. Good news I don't have to take Spriolactone anymore.

Just spent the last half hour curled up in bed crying because I got reminded that I will have to look for work soon. Wish I was a little more broken so I qualified for disability.

An accident swaps you and your Goodra. Takes some getting used to, but as the weeks go by without any change, you're getting used to it.

Then, the Goodra in your body gets turned into a Lycanroc. Oops!

The pokécentre says this sort of thing is surprisingly common... ✨ #tf

Saw the doctor and she said that everything was fine. Medical TMI behind cut 

Got staples removed and told to let the healing wound breath, so no more bandages for now.

The hardest part about seeing the doctor is the long wait in the exam room for them to get to me.

Medical TMI 

I can't wait to get these staples out of me. I want to be able to sleep. I usually sleep on my front, but haven't been able to do so since the surgery because freaking staples.

Got a special comic in the mail today. 

Got a copy of Virmir's comic, signed and doodled.

Spoke too soon. TMI medical 

Either that or my stomach didn't like the soda, or the PBJ, I had for breakfast. Or the dozens of cough drops I've been sucking down.

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Spoke too soon. TMI medical 

Just went and vomited. I've had a sore throat since the procedure (most likely from having a breathing tube, but it's lingering), but a runny nose has been added. Called doctor's office and the nurse says that it has nothing to do with the surgery, and I must have gotten covid and to get tested. But I don't have a fever at all. Still, I went to the state covid testing site and filled out the form. Now I wait.

New week, and back to school work. Still healing up, will be a long road to me being back at 100%.

Surgery TMI 

Changed my dressings just now. Was not expecting staples.

Feeling better today. Lots less pain. The only thing I wasn't expecting was the sore throat after due to having a breathing tube during the operation. Been sucking down cough drops.

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