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Well this is annoying. My new insurance is Aetna, and I found a list of approved gender reassignment surgeons.
Every single one is for FtM top surgery. Every single entry. That means I have to go out of network no matter what I do.
I hate insurance.

So, I am about to lose my phone service because I found a job with benefits. Any suggestions on cell phone providers I can go with? I've been pondering Mint Mobile.

"I hear you seek monster-slayers?"
"Yes. There's this centuries-old hoarder of gold, an amoral scourge of the people, with vast power, who even the king dares not challenge directly."
"A dragon?"
"A corporation."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Nightmares suck. Can't get back to sleep, crying.

Is a little warm for my walk to the therapist. 32c. Warm but not too hot.

Locals are melting though.

Just finished all the patch quests for A Realm Reborn, now on to Heavensward content.

I just accepted an offer for a Tech Support position. I am employed!
I start next month.

I've got a small problem. I have an interview on Monday, but they want me to come with three references. I have no professional references. What do I do?

Had an interview today. Got two more tomorrow, and a follow up interview on Thursday. Here's hoping one of them is successful.

Got an ultrasound on my legs. Thankfully no clots found. Will need to get compression socks.

Finally made it to a room, but still waiting to be seen. Getting really tired.

Been here four hours and still in the waiting room. Hope I get to see a doctor soon.

Went to urgent care with a swollen foot. Getting referred to the ER. Will be taking off to there shortly.

Just finished another interview, and I have a third lined up for next week. Here's hoping I find something soon.

Well, I passed the short interview. Got an hour long zoom interview on Friday.

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Meep. I have a phone interview about a job in an hour. Scared.

It's a tradition of our lab that the last trainer who shows up for a starter pokémon is turned into one, and given to the first trainer of the next cohort.

Just hold still, won't be long at all until you're a wonderful little Vulpix, with curly fluff and all those tails~ 🧡 #tf

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