i wear a hat with a raccoon on it on the reg, and a full grown woman told me she liked my kitty hat

this is how you end up with "i took in this stray dog and i don't know why it's acting like this!" and it's a fucking coyote


@root @whiskers the llama one is one I've not seen before but I immediately love that the llama is just like "oh cool this pad is pretty sweet. I got a bath, I got hugs, this bed fuckin' rules, fuck it, I live here now, fuck being in a field, this human is chill as fuck."

@Nine @whiskers llamas are so smart and i love how she was so accepting and seemingly conveyed that she enjoyed it a lot lol like definitely never slept on a bed before and when she did she was like, yeah fuck it i can definitely get used to this no problem this is fantastic

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