I wonder if there are more retro game devs in the fediverse I just haven't met yet, or if that's one of the hobbies that Twitter is still really important for

SNES development in particular seems like a hobby where you absolutely have to go where your peers are, since there's so few of us

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@NovaSquirrel Might just be that the fediverse is more spread than Twitter

So finding niche stuff is harder

@NovaSquirrel I have done some really small un-finished NES projects and I really love retro 3D graphics (also have a hobby project on that!). But nothing as amazing as your Nova The Squirrel projects 😁 (it looks really nice btw!)
I'm sure there are some other retro game devs here as well 🙂

Does has some interest to you? I wanted to write a game for IRC and I did it during the lockdown! Ascensions are mirrored on Mastodon: @pink_dragon

@baruchel I'd say that's a completely different thing, though I like the novelty of it.

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