Petal Crash is really interesting with the ability to push garbage haha

When I finally get around to making Net Puzzle Arena I want to have so much cursed stuff in there as options

Thinking of adding a new menu to Petal Crash Online that's like

Petal Colors: 2/3/4/5
Board Width: 4-10
Board Height: 4-10
Intentionally spawn petals next to the same color: Off/On
Can push garbage: Off/On/On and it matches with itself
Extra gimmicks: None/2048 mode/anything else

I have a bunch of other ideas for weird gimmicks and I guess I'll have to see if they're actually fun

@Patashu I guess the complication there is the possibility that petal will just continue on forever if it's the only thing in the row/column, but it could just refuse to wrap if that's the case

@NovaSquirrel I think having it stop where it started would be a reasonable outcome in this case

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