Spent awhile yesterday trying to plan out a roleplay I was gonna do today (involving Sherbet's scarf having the opposite effect on ponies) and in the end it didn't even matter I didn't have a super satisfying ending figured out yet, because we barely scratched the surface in the 5 hours it went on haha.

I'm really excited to start getting a whole lot of practice storytelling and running things, because there's no obstacles whatsoever to just doing everything that excites me the most. I have interested people, and I have the kinds of characters around me that mine are meant to play off of.

I still want to get people to play the kinda characters I like on SpinDizzy (so there's a public place to do stuff I want to do) and maybe getting good and confident at running roleplays is the first step.

Or maybe doing cool stuff and then talking about the cool stuff I'm doing is the first step, so I can find out if there are people who would want to do similar stuff if it existed?

I'm always convinced that there aren't, and that stops me from trying.

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