I guess I shouldn't wait until my platformer example thing is all set to publish it online, I should just wait until it doesn't contain anything I don't want to license under a permissive license just yet

I'll probably eventually relicense the whole thing to zlib or MIT or something years down the line if my earlier NES stuff is any indication

Early sneak peek:

From here I need to put in player graphics, clean it up more, add projectiles, etc.

@NovaSquirrel If you're not comfortable with the GPL, and also not comfortable with permissive licenses, may I suggest the Artistic License 2.0? It's FSF-approved, copyleft but not viral, and well-suited for games in name and spirit.

@notimetoplay I'm comfy with GPL - what's going on here is I'm making a subset of a GPL program and I'm putting MIT on it. But I need to make sure I'm not accidentally relicensing more code than I thought.

But I will check out that license!

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