I keep checking Etsy to see if one of my orders is any closer to being here, even though Etsy does not give progress updates like that and if anything shipped I'd get an email

It shipped!!! I'm going to have plush bats at my house within a few weeks I think.

And my order from May 2021 might even ship next week! I'm going to stay hopeful.

The bat plushes are in Indianapolis which means it's nearly here! Very exciting

And now it's in my city, which means I should get it Friday. Which was the prediction on the tracking, so it's good to see that's accurate, at least in this case.

The purple starry one has *glow in the dark* stars which is still a huge selling point to me! The bats are smaller than I imagined but they're the perfect size for taking somewhere with me for having a cute little friend for comfort

Lots of people sell bats with this pattern but the one I went with was etsy.com/shop/PlushMayhem - in case anyone wants to get some like these!

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