I wanna have a situation where I have a closet full of shirts I actually genuinely like and want to wear. But that will require finding shirts I actually genuinely like and want to wear. At the very least I can move the stuff I don't.

I feel like I don't want to donate the stuff I don't care for as much yet because I feel like I'd regret that, but it needs to go somewhere.

My family had a big problem for a long time with not knowing what gifts to give me so they kept getting me shirts with dumb jokes on them that would make you look pretentious or that would just be embarrassing. Or there's a whole bunch of shirts that are just whatever Mario shirt they could find.

I think some of these I definitely don't mind donating.

I went through a bunch of these with a friend and I'm definitely fine with getting rid of a lot of these. That actually opens up a whole bunch of closet space! I have way more coat hangers than I know what to do with yet. Therefore I can finally get cute clothes if I find them since I no longer have to worry about fitting them somewhere.

gender stuff (-) 

I ordered some Care Bear shirts, and I went for the girl fit versions because they had better colors available. People told me it would probably be fine, but then it turned out it fit my body shape really poorly and there was this strong feeling of "this isn't made for you."

Which then lead into thinking "shirts with good designs and colors aren't meant for you, you aren't allowed to have cute things because you don't have a girl body" and that makes me really uncomfy and sad

gender stuff (-) 

I have seen shirts before with really good designs that I really wanted but that I didn't buy because they were only in women's sizes and I thought they wouldn't fit me. And getting a confirmation that stuff like that indeed doesn't fit me is hard to take.

I think every shirt should be available in unisex.

gender stuff (-) 

@NovaSquirrel I wear shit that doesn't fit all the time and I'm fuckin' awesome. You are too. Don't feel bad or weird, clothes just don't fit right until they're made specifically for you. It's a neat way to find out just how far out on the fringes of the corporate body image bell curve you are, and you realize they do it to enforce a certain body image regardless of your sexual identity.

You are perfect as you are and don't let anyone make you feel different.

gender stuff (-) 

@NovaSquirrel oof *offers hugs* :/

Yeaaaaah, I know that feeling way too well. >< That was basically me my entire life, even before I knew being trans was a thing.

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