I might change my mind eventually but I feel like making a Game Boy game is more of a bucket list thing than something I want to do regularly. I originally thought it would be cool to have a lot of small Game Boy companion titles to bigger games I make, but I also think the main reason a lot of series had that was because they could put different teams on those. I'm one person. And I don't have lots of ideas for them anyway.

But I'm committed to making that Maffi game, at the very least!


I don't hate writing Game Boy code, but it's the only console I have an interest in programming that feels really cramped with the small number of registers, and it feels like there's a huge emphasis on setting things up so that you can do bit manipulation tricks on pointers.

Though I'm sure that once you're past a certain point in the program you don't have to really worry about most of that anymore and you already took care of it. Nova 1's development was mostly level design.

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