I got scrolling to work in my Game Boy project I'm working on, which means I can now look over the entire map. This is important because just directly looking at the map data in a memory viewer made me miss one bug (that is now fixed).

Now with Maffi! Which means I can actually see her walk around on my original Game Boy, which is incredible actually. I think these sprites look pretty good for the constraints I'm working with but I might revisit them later on.

I added Game Boy Color support and a parallax effect to my Game Boy project! I was originally going to go for a 16x16 parallax effect but I think it works great simplified to 8x8 too. Now I have to actually get around to adding game logic instead of just visuals.

Everything I have so far (including the sound engine, and graphics I'm not displaying yet) is about 8KB, so I have 24KB left to fill with more graphics, game logic, and anything else I need. It should be plenty.

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