I put in a request for some abandoned land on Second Life back on Wednesday and they still haven't gotten to it, so I guess the time scale for those sorts of requests is bigger than I initially thought.

I got a response today - turns out they're not willing to sell 16m² abandoned parcels to anyone unless they have land adjacent to it.

That's disappointing but not super surprising. I guess I'll take a look at what 16m² parcels are for sale instead and see if there's any in a good position, for a price that's not ridiculous.

If there's none, I can either try to extend out the 48m² land I have or just stop caring that I have 32m² land tier left. I could use it if I upgrade to premium eventually.

I went and looked at all the 16m² and 32m² parcels for sale (that aren't ridiculously expensive) and I found one with very similar aesthetics to the one I wanted, but most of the good looking parts have restricted access, which convinced me not to get it.

I found some 16m² road-side parcels that actually had much stuff built nearby, and one was very close to my house. But there weren't any locations I really loved... which I should wait for before I get anything. Maybe I'll look in a few months

Actually, better idea:
Instead of putting an ice cream stand somewhere with a 5 LI budget, just make a nice looking, bigger ice cream shop at my house.

It's really minimal but I think it looks great, and the plants on the gazebo fit Sherbet's aesthetic.

I'll want to set it up so that you can actually get ice cream from the display, which won't be hard.

@NovaSquirrel it takes *ages* to do! Last time I did it was close to a week.

@SpicyNugget At the very least it's just a 16m² parcel so it's not a situation where I'm super eager to start laying out a big thing.

But I still wanna build stuff!

@NovaSquirrel Have you checked the parcel itself? I've had a few get set for sale to me, but they didn't reply to the ticket or send any kind of notification.

Probably the two people who handle abandoned land are busy dealing with other support stuff... a *lot* of stuff has been broken/breaking this last week, in SL.

@tatiana I checked just now and it's not marked any differently than before. I'm fine being patient though, so I'll just keep checking in over time.

@SpicyNugget I got the impression they were trying to discourage very small parcels, or something? I know they're often used for ads.

I guess since it's unavailable anyway there's no harm in pointing out the place I was trying to get:

The surrounding area is so cool and I would've loved to put a little thing next to it.

@NovaSquirrel yeah I get why because of the ads thing, but I still think it's silly! Like you could do so much with a little place by a linden road like that! Also like, billing wise people have odd numbers of meters of land to their name all the time.

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