I put in a request for some abandoned land on Second Life back on Wednesday and they still haven't gotten to it, so I guess the time scale for those sorts of requests is bigger than I initially thought.

I got a response today - turns out they're not willing to sell 16m² abandoned parcels to anyone unless they have land adjacent to it.

That's disappointing but not super surprising. I guess I'll take a look at what 16m² parcels are for sale instead and see if there's any in a good position, for a price that's not ridiculous.

If there's none, I can either try to extend out the 48m² land I have or just stop caring that I have 32m² land tier left. I could use it if I upgrade to premium eventually.


@SpicyNugget I got the impression they were trying to discourage very small parcels, or something? I know they're often used for ads.

I guess since it's unavailable anyway there's no harm in pointing out the place I was trying to get: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife

The surrounding area is so cool and I would've loved to put a little thing next to it.

@NovaSquirrel yeah I get why because of the ads thing, but I still think it's silly! Like you could do so much with a little place by a linden road like that! Also like, billing wise people have odd numbers of meters of land to their name all the time.

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