I think tomorrow I'm gonna try and get a Golden Corral pizza, since I feel like ordering from there and getting to try their food again, and I still have that gift card... The pizza is also like the only thing on the online menu that seemed nice.

I don't think it's worth ordering like, fried chicken and mashed potatoes from there; when I go to a buffet I try to get the weird stuff and make really unbalanced unhealthy meals, but you can't do that here, so pizza it is.


Turns out there's a $10 minimum order for delivery, which their pizza is too cheap for, so I'll do that another time and make a DiGiorno, which was my second choice anyway. Maybe I'll hold onto the gift card in the hopes that eventually it gets safe enough to eat in there...



Several years into a pandemic and not going to restaurants, I think primarily eating frozen food is really wearing on me and most of it seems really bland now, even when I air fry it.

I'm not sure there's much I can do about that, except try to make sure more of my diet is stuff like sandwiches? Or try and buy a lot more of those refrigerated meals? There's not a whole lot of variety available though, and the expiration date is usually soon after I buy them. I can't grocery shop often.

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