I used to think that maybe if I went and actually tried using a C compiler for retro platforms I could have a lot more games completed, and that wanting to have the best performance was holding me back.

But that's not it at all, because I love assembly and can write it pretty fast. What's holding me back is having game ideas that require a lot of level design and art, or just spending a long time figuring out details on game design. That's ok, I'll release games I'm happy with, just slowly.

@NovaSquirrel I tend to think programming is only a small part of the overall work, but for a small-scope project or especially for a more beginner program its proportion might have a big multiplier.

@rainwarrior Yeah that's definitely true. If I were making something more like NESert Golfing where it's small scope and the gameplay is pretty defined I could see it making a lot of sense.

@NovaSquirrel i would probably just refuse to write a line of C as then im adding an abstraction layer that i dont fully understand, so guess ill never really find out which one i would write faster

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