I don't like how game dev is treated as something that's commercial by default, though I might be looking in the wrong places

@NovaSquirrel try game jams, while there is still some overlap, at least the games for the game jam are always non-profit... i think.. i only participate in jams for fun.. okay now im not sure what to believe

@exelotl wow thats quite long.. ill need to find some time to read that start-to-finish, but i definitely would like to make a few tiny yet endlessly replayable games, thats actually what my first real attempt was, the second.. was also quite close to that.. (and the third, see: Snek!) plus i want to have a cat-alogue of minigames to pick from to put in my dream game as alternative/bonus/optional content >:3 (to fix probably awful pacing by distracting you from the main gameplay mode)

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