Now after spending a ton of time designing buildings and making a rough draft of a hub world map, I've got something that feels complete-ish, just unpolished. And now I have it in the game itself; you can walk around the map but that's it so far.

Feels like a huge step forward because I've been working on this part of the game for a pretty long time at this point.

The map conversion does a whole lot of magic stuff where I just export the map as PNGs and provide palettes.


I polished up the hub world map in my game a lot, and I recorded me walking around in it! I really like how the town is looking so far, though there's still lots of things I want to add.

I'm already using about 60% of the tiles I'll have available and there's still plenty of space for more details. I also have lots of unused palette colors I'll want to put somewhere.

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