In one sitting, I played through all of the LEGOLAND game for PC which I tried as a kid but never played very far.

I don't think it's a very good game. The biggest problem is that you're scored on how much "variety" there is in your scenery and stores, but the game doesn't let you know what it's actually measuring nor does it let you see where you are except showing you some meters every 10 literal minutes. And you need a perfect score in everything it's measuring to complete a level.

I felt like there was pressure on me to try and carefully balance out how many of each thing I had (assuming that's what it meant by balance) and I tried to make it about equal, instead of actually enjoying myself making something that looks nice like I would do in RollerCoaster Tycoon.

I just checked the manual and it also doesn't explain what it's measuring.

I guess I can just try to make a pretty looking park later in free play mode, now that everything is unlocked from playing levels.

@NovaSquirrel I remember playing legoland a bit, but I was a lot more interested in lego creator

@NovaSquirrel having linear levels and hard completion requirements in a park builder game strikes me as missing the point

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