Sometimes I'll go through my whole codebase and fix something that bugs me that's spread across the whole thing, and it definitely takes a bit but I feel better about it afterward.

At one point I went and made it so Nova 2's code actually consistently uses the term "actor" instead of having different code say "actor" or "entity" or "object" or "enemy" while all referring to the same thing. A bit ago I changed Nova 2 to use video RAM addresses that are in 16-bit units instead of 8-bit units too.

I think I only used 8-bit units because Mesen used to show addresses like that, even though that doesn't really match how the SNES works very well, so my code was full of >>1 and now it's not.

When I did that big Tilemap Town server refactor I took the opportunity to make the capitalization consistent because that was another thing that got kind of bad.

@NovaSquirrel i too sometimes feel like it is just time for a refactor to make a codebase more enjoyable.
Sometimes i will go though and swap out entire libraries or approaches!
Its noce to have the space to do that in personal projects 💖

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