Here's pony Sherbet by holding a baguette, inspired by Pony Town (which recently added a bakery, and baguettes seem to have taken on some sort of meme status)

Autumn Blaze LED stand arrived today. I like her and think she deserved more screentime.

Here's another Care Bear Cousin commission drawn by of my character Alex, who was designed by as an adopt.

And with that I have all of my main anthro characters in Care Bear Cousin form. I don't think I want to unleash "care bear taur" upon the world just yet. So I'll have to work with friends to get commissions of their own characters as care bear cousins.

Here's a Cathy by and she joked about "in a week you're going to come back and ask for a Care Bear version of her" so here's that too. It was really easy to come up with a good symbol for her.

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Fixed up my gaming setup and now the cable situation is significantly less scary

Petal Crash 1.1 came to Switch, which means my fursona is now playable in a Switch game

Petal Crash is really interesting with the ability to push garbage haha

When I finally get around to making Net Puzzle Arena I want to have so much cursed stuff in there as options

I programmed a *very* simple web admin panel for Petal Crash Online. The scheduled shutdown lets you finish up your current match and prevents you from starting another, so I won't feel bad about interrupting matches when making server upgrades.

nsfw transformation art was fine with me commissioning them to draw Nova as her Pokésona's udder so that's exactly what I did.

I commissioned a picture of my toy dog character Cathy (inspired by early 2000s toys like Poo-Chi) holding a Tamagotchi. I figured that she'd be into early 2000s tech (even though the specific Tamagotchi she's holding is from 2006).

It's drawn by

Here's a commission drawn by of two adopts I previously bought from (bun) and (mouse).

They've got a similar theme so I was really happy to see them together, and this was the first time the mouse has been drawn outside of the original adopt picture.

Here's a drawing of Maffi hugging a plush dragon character made by , also drawn by them. My favorite kind of picture to get is definitely my characters interacting with friends' characters. It makes it really meaningful.

"Windows 3.1 MS Paint icon but with heart shaped paint splotches" is the cutest, most appealing, most on-theme thing I can think of so far.

Windows 3.1 and Mario Paint are both from 1992 too.

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Tried improving Cathy a bit - seems like what felt off from the outfit was just that there weren't pants? Now it seems fine.

The hair also has some more personality now. I wanted to make the bangs long but I didn't want to obscure the screen *too* much.

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