I drew on a canvas with my friends today, including @scout

I drew the unicorn, blue mouse and the bat, which are all my friends' characters. I really would like to practice art and get better at drawing cute characters, and this sorta thing helps encourage me a lot.

I've got a beaver taur character ( toyhou.se/7023766.rebecca ) and I always feel weird about her anatomy because I don't feel like I ever fully figured it out, but I'd like to. Maybe the real problem is I just don't have much art of her on four legs, and having a taur on two just inherently looks weird.

I like the way I drew her sprite for my game, at least.

I've got some simple gameplay implemented in the PC prototype of the Game Boy game I want to make.

So far all you can do is move around the maze and shoot, which destroys enemies and bricks. I have it where enemies spawn in a radius around you and despawn when they're too far away, so you should continually find them as you explore. Hopefully that's fun? I guess the main thing is it needs to be fun to fight enemies as you go about solving the level's goal.

I should probably consider getting a replacement AC adapter for my Sega Genesis because I never feel good about plugging this into the wall

vore art (nsfw) 

I commissioned twitter.com/foxseams to draw Ichugo in a Miltank udder, flavoring the milk just by being there, and being cozy and happy.

I really like the idea of udder vore but I haven't been able to find any art of it where the person in the udder didn't look like they were in distress, and I wanted to fix that.

Sherbet is here! I'm really glad to have a figure of one of my characters.

Figure by twitter.com/Krowzi

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My TinyNES came and works great. I'll go and try capturing video from my NES and TinyNES later and see how they compare.

It came with Commando for NES, which makes sense because it's UNROM and therefore easy to make, but I wasn't familiar with it and I was actually concerned about if the console was working correctly until I tried other carts (and tried Commando in my other NES and an emulator, and looked up footage) and realized that, no, Commando just inherently looks super glitchy.

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Next Petal Crash Online update is probably feature complete now. I'm going to go look over everything I added and try and do my own testing to make sure I didn't miss anything, but then after that... it'll probably be release candidate time very soon.

Here's the Tamagotchi YCH I got! I'm really happy to get this, it's so cute and fits me really well.

Art by linktr.ee/cutepencilcase

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nsfw/suggestive? transformation art 

So I got yet more rubber art, this time of Care Bear Maffi. I've been thinking about the Care Bear version of her a lot, and I really wanted a toy version of it.

She also has a null bulge and a prominent chest (but it's not especially defined), because of some good toy art I saw that inspired me, and to match some roleplay stuff.

Art by softponies.carrd.co/

Played with running a build of the Maffi game on Super Game Boy so I could play around with seeing what palette might be nice, if I include one. This is pretty similar to the default Game Boy Color palette but a little more purple, and I think it works really well.

My figure from twitter.com/Krowzi is looking really really good and I'm really excited to get it

I went and added the ability to pick a pattern of walls to have on your playfield, both to be an interesting challenge and to let you try and balance out skill gaps a little bit. It's a lot more interesting than just "oh, this player's attacks will just arbitrarily do less"

I didn't put much thought into the patterns available and some of them are probably nightmarish to play on. But some of them are probably fine!

This was one of the big missing features I still wanted in the update.

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I wrote an Aseprite Lua script that takes a sprite with tilemap layers, looks at the current frame, and tells you how many unique 8x8 tiles there are in each layer's tileset:

The intended goal is to get an upper bound on how much video RAM a map could use on retro consoles. It takes flips into account but not palette swaps.

Here's the Patreon YCH I got this month from linktr.ee/cutepencilcase !

It's fun seeing these kinds of aesthetics mixed together; usually Rosy is just presented cutely

Putting some cool transition effects in Petal Crash Online 😎

The menus feel significantly slicker and more polished

So I notice the Steam Deck officially supports custom boot animations now

nsfw art (vore) 

I commissioned some cock vore art from twitter.com/luvporbol of Nova in Rosy Sky's balls

I added Game Boy Color support and a parallax effect to my Game Boy project! I was originally going to go for a 16x16 parallax effect but I think it works great simplified to 8x8 too. Now I have to actually get around to adding game logic instead of just visuals.

Everything I have so far (including the sound engine, and graphics I'm not displaying yet) is about 8KB, so I have 24KB left to fill with more graphics, game logic, and anything else I need. It should be plenty.

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Now with Maffi! Which means I can actually see her walk around on my original Game Boy, which is incredible actually. I think these sprites look pretty good for the constraints I'm working with but I might revisit them later on.

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