I've been taking photos of nice (or interesting) looking houses on my walks so I can show my friends what the local architecture looks like in Fort Wayne, and I just realized that doubles as a large stockpile of nice references to draw from as I design fictional cities.

I made a much smaller one which still took a very long time. I think I spent like 10 minutes ironing each side because the iron was that inefficient. I'm glad I made at least something and didn't just give up, but I'm not happy it took that long.

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I spent like 10+ hours putting together a big Perler Bead set, had a lot of trouble getting it to fuse with the iron I have, then tried taking it over next door to get some help with it and then it all fell on the ground while trying to close the door with one hand...

I'll try and buy a new one and make it eventually but for now I'm going to just make a smaller one and try again so it's not a total failure.

I have a cute squirrel themed planter I'm not using, and it'd be great to put some sort of easy-to-take-care-of plant in there as a nice decoration

I previously went through my shelves and put things away that I don't need to be displaying so that the things I care about have a space to be in where they're tidy. And I realized today that I have another set of shelves where I haven't done that yet, so I guess I'm doing that now.

I guess another reason I'm all about flashcarts for my consoles is that I don't have space for a lot of carts, at least in a way where I can access them easily.

Looks like I accidentally used a feature in Tilemap Town that was only introduced in Python 3.10 and I had 3.7, so I needed to upgrade.

(It was a bit count function for integers)

I really should try and get 3.11 on my server too, because I saw that it's significantly faster than the 3.10 it's currently on.

@zlago I'm planning on trying Lua for the server-side scripting, if I can modify it to have resource limits.

Client-side I feel like it's really important to keep it easy to make a client, so I'd be wary of adding those to the list of stuff you'd need to have a complete client. But maybe!


I finally remembered to get a bag of shredded lettuce alongside the other stuff I make tacos with, so I'll get to ideally have significantly better tacos the next time I make them. Which will probably be sometime this weekend.

Cheese and meat and tortilla is nice, but feels like it's missing something.

Separately, I think it'd be really useful to have a client-side scripting system. I don't think it would need to be very complicated or turing complete (and maybe it shouldn't be)

I think its goal would be letting the map's creator define visual effects that could play for clients, meaning those could happen without any network lag, and without any server load. I remember with BYOND there was an issue with the server having to handle all logic and all effects, which wasn't great for performance

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I sketched out some rough concepts for what a scripting interface would look like for Tilemap Town, though actually implementing it is going to have to come sometime later.

I think it'd be useful to have it where the same scripting API could be run on the same server as the game, or on a user's computer/server, so if you want more power you can just move it over.

@StellaFoxxie Oh, yeah I guess 3D games would probably work better for a huge screen. I was trying to play 2D puzzle games where being able to see the entire playfield is really important.

I used to think it'd be super cool to hook up a game to a movie theater screen, but I have played on some TVs that are small enough to fit in a normal room that still turned out to be way too big to be fun, so I can guess how that would go.

Though it'd still probably be cool even if it wasn't particularly playable.

I'm not sure why I thought it had to be an overhead view thing at all. It was probably just because Drawn to Life does it, but their design goals that make that a good idea aren't necessarily my own design goals.

Thankfully I didn't really spend much time drawing graphics, aside from doing building designs, but the ones I drew are side view so they are actually perfect here anyway. I tried adapting them to overhead but I don't think that was going to great.

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I played everything in github.com/Difegue/LCDonald and wow these games are super simplistic. Though if I were a kid I'd have been happy to get a neat video game with a meal anyway.

Knuckles' Treasure Hunt was the one that seemed the most interesting to me. I feel like it needs some more complexity to be especially fun but it has a nice foundation.

The perspective is all over the place in the map I'm working on for my game, but I think perspectives being all over the place is a normal 2D video game thing.

... though I'm just now realizing that the map doesn't need to be overhead anyway, it can be 2D and let people platform around in it. I'll have to mock up how that could look. A "Mimiga Village" kind of thing.

I feel like I have a lot of pent up energy from sitting around most days, and it'd be great to try a run or something, but by the time I'm off work it's night time, and it's cold enough that there's snow everywhere anyway.

Maybe in the spring or summer I could though.

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I feel like if I didn't have to work an 8 hour day I'd be able to improve a lot of aspects of my life. I'd be able to find time to exercise every day, and I'd be able to set aside time to prepare good food.

But that's not going to change any time soon, if ever.

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I don't think just occasionally playing Ring Fit Adventure is going to really cut it for exercise. It'd be nice if I had a treadmill or exercise bike because then I could use it while I'm doing something else, so it's significantly easier to find time for, but there's no room.

I guess when the temperature gets better and it gets dark later I could try to go outside more...


I got one of those gummi controllers that are shaped (and sized) like a game controller and that's sooooo much sugar. I have to go through it in small pieces.

I tried a two legged design for Rebecca at one point, and it looked ok, but I'd really prefer if all my taur characters were just taurs all the time (aside from Sherbet's pony adventures, where she's still on four legs).

That means I'll have three different taurs I really like (Sherbet, Rebecca, Button), which feels like a lot haha. Awhile ago I saw a taur adopt that seemed neat, and thought about getting it, but I'm definitely set as far as taurs go.

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