@Roxy @00dani At the very least this is definitely not the last time you'll draw Sherbetpony 😎

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Just a casual evening chit-chat amongst ponies (commissioned work)

I'm really happy with how this one came out

I think at this point Maffi feels a lttle bit more like my fursona than Nova does, but I still consider them both to be me. Or maybe it's like, Nova is my mascot.

Here's pony Sherbet by twitter.com/luvporbol holding a baguette, inspired by Pony Town (which recently added a bakery, and baguettes seem to have taken on some sort of meme status)

Autumn Blaze LED stand arrived today. I like her and think she deserved more screentime.

I bought a whole bunch of Uni the Unicorn books after I bought the first one on clearance at Walmart in a book+plush combo and I *had* to need to see what happens next.

They're definitely intended for little girls but I liked them and they got me to read books which hasn't happened in awhile.

I like that the unicorn magic is pretty different from in MLP though MLP's is way more creative haha.

People aren't waiting for the game itself to come out, we don't have an upcoming tournament or stream to prepare things for, and there's another programmer on the project anyway.

So there's no reason to rush.

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Now that Petal Crash Online is out I feel like there's some obligation to make sure that updates get out in a timely manner and it's difficult to embrace that it's still just a hobby thing and it doesn't have to take precedence over other hobby things. But I've gotta or else my own games aren't going to get anything done on them.

Here's another Care Bear Cousin commission drawn by furaffinity.net/user/softcarib of my character Alex, who was designed by twitter.com/diddgery as an adopt.

And with that I have all of my main anthro characters in Care Bear Cousin form. I don't think I want to unleash "care bear taur" upon the world just yet. So I'll have to work with friends to get commissions of their own characters as care bear cousins.

I noticed that when I need a character to fill a role and I make one, I don't really get as attached to them as when I just get inspired to make a character.

So it's been helpful when characters I already made and really like can fill a role I need. Like Sherbet being good for MLP stuff.

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I should commission a theme tune for Maffi since Nova has at least a few. Now to figure out what it might sound like...

Realizing that I don't need to invent a whole original team for Rosy Sky to do a crossover with the Care Bears. I can just have an AU where it's all of the Care Bear versions of my characters, that I still haven't stopped commissioning haha.

When I bought humblebundle.com/software/3d-c I was like "oh yeah Ashampoo I remember them from keygen music"

Those packs ( keygenmusic.net/ ) have each song named after the specific crack they're from and I've never previously heard of most of these programs

People have seen the trap of furs asking nonfurries what their favorite animal is, but they'll never see it coming when I ask people what would be a good cute symbol to represent their character

I really hope I get to meet up with friends this year. Other friends are getting to.

Here's a Cathy by furaffinity.net/user/softcarib and she joked about "in a week you're going to come back and ask for a Care Bear version of her" so here's that too. It was really easy to come up with a good symbol for her.

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I got those little icecream cups after seeing them at the store for so long, and they seem nice for portion control but more importantly they're nostalgic. But they'd be more nostalgic if I had a tiny wooden spoon to go with them...

Fixed up my gaming setup and now the cable situation is significantly less scary

In the absence of people to hang out with in person I guess I need fo figure out what sorts of fulfilling social activities there are that work online. Sometimes it can be lonely.

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