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Petal Crash 1.1 came to Switch, which means my fursona is now playable in a Switch game

I noticed I will try pretty much any food on the basis that it's unicorn themed

I expanded the script I use for converting PNGs to formats the SNES can take, and added features.

Now I can have the ability to specify additional flags with a file (so I can set up a makefile rule where I have PNGs and flag files alongside each other).

I also added a feature specifically for making it more convenient to convert 32x32 images you're gonna display with 16x16 sprites on the SNES.

I wonder how you make friends that live nearby

Petal Crash is really interesting with the ability to push garbage haha

When I finally get around to making Net Puzzle Arena I want to have so much cursed stuff in there as options

Went looking through all the BABScon vendors and ordered a whole bunch of pony stuff. So I'm probably going to gradually have pony things show up at my house over the next few weeks haha.

I'll also have to check on these stores again later when they've hopefully restocked.

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In Miitopia I've got Fluttershy and Muffins miis that aren't really a great fit for the endgame stuff I'm doing, so I've been leaving them in a room together and watching their friendship grow really strong haha.

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There isn't really much to ban for in Petal Crash Online but it's nice to have the tools there in case someone tries to evade the word filter and put slurs in their name.

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I programmed a *very* simple web admin panel for Petal Crash Online. The scheduled shutdown lets you finish up your current match and prevents you from starting another, so I won't feel bad about interrupting matches when making server upgrades.

nsfw transformation art was fine with me commissioning them to draw Nova as her Pokésona's udder so that's exactly what I did.

I like ordering food, especially because I don't have a car, but I want to feel like the place I'm ordering from actually consents to online orders and a company isn't doing something super sketchy, and I'm not sure how to check that.

I guess for big chains they usually directly link to a delivery thing.

The next Petal Crash Online update will have a Linux version available because I managed to figure out how to package those

Having a group of friends to watch MLP with didn't really work out, and no one's acknowledging so I'm not sure how to get involved in the ways I want to.

Sometimes I get people (usually teens) who will just DM me out of the blue and act like I'm obligated to be friends with them and talk to them. It's always really awkward and I never know how to shut that down without feeling like a jerk. But I do anyway because I don't want to be in that spot.

My birthday is in less than a month (June 19th) and I feel like it'd be a good idea to do something for it (so I have something cool to look forward to) but I have no idea what.

I guess I could try and go somewhere nice, but I already went to the zoo. As usual I think the thing I really want is just to get attention and recognition haha.

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