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I should make a Maffi virtual pet, and have the same kinda meta "aware of the interface" stuff that I want her to have in Nova 2. Though I have no idea what platform it would be on...

I'm having trouble getting some even older hard drives to work (so they might be dead) which caused me to really get serious about making sure everything else is safe.

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Been having my Raspberry Pi copy everything from my first laptop hard drive over to a flashdrive all day, which is a nice application for it. I'd rather not use my laptop with a bunch of cables attached all day that I have to be careful not to jiggle too much.

Filling out my timesheet stuff and going "???? what did I do on Monday???" and then remembering that I did nothing because I had that day off

Using Petal Crash in weird multiverse Twitter RP stuff but trying to avoid actually saying "Petal Crash" because I know its dev Ashley word searches for it haha.

Finally doing work on my actual game again. Not actual game logic yet, but I did move it from using a LoROM cartridge to a HiROM one, which has some good advantages and future-proofs me for using a bigger cartridge later if I need to.

Part of that involved extending the script I wrote that automatically tries to place everything somewhere it will fit in the ROM, to let me label something as code and make sure it gets put at the end of a 64KB bank.

I want cute nonserious non-sci fi characters and ponies are the easiest way to find that, though it's still not trivial

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It definitely feels nice to know that my problems with RP were actually from incompatibility rather than me being terrible at it. But I'm not sure how to act on that past just trying hard to really embrace the opportunity I seem to currently have.

Gonna try to organize my 1400+ browser bookmarks I've accumulated over the years haha

Gonna try to start commissioning more artists again and explore. Commissioning the ones I've commissioned a gazillion times is really cozy and easy but I want to see more styles too. Plus they can't do everything.

Incorporating Minecraft into my flirting and telling a fox friend I'll feed her sweet berries

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I think that most of what we call autism and ADHD are just normal and healthy variations in human behavior that are incompatible with capitalism.

So my cat has realized that if my door is blocked off and she can't get in to wake me up at 7 AM to feed her (way before when I try to wake up for work), she can instead go bother my brother who doesn't even have a door to block off.

We need to either feed her at night or get her an automatic cat feeder.

Getting to put my characters in situations (and around other characters) that are especially conductive to the sorts of stuff I want to do is filling me with tons of inspiration, and I'm hoping I'll get to tell some cool stories

trying foods 

Turns out hotdogs work well in the air fryer! They're similar to just cooking them in the oven, which I guess shouldn't be surprising since it's pretty much a tiny oven.

Relish was also fine.

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Some Twitter pony RP circles are reviving (and I'm getting to participate in them a little bit!!) and it amuses me that there's basically a situation of waking up from a long slumber and being like "wtf is Pony Town"

I think most of them stopped before the movie and the later seasons came out too. I'm not familiar with the later seasons but I can be the Herald of Pony Town

Been having a hard time sleeping lately, made worse by my cat that gets into my room at like 7 AM or 8 AM to start climbing all over me until I feed her. I blocked off my door last night but forgot to check if she was already inside first haha.

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