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Here's a commission of Sherbet that finished a bit ago. I decided that since she'd drawn lots of taurs and lots of furries but never put the two together, now was the time haha.

Actually writing actual text in the story I wanted to write for ages, so let's see where it goes

Even if the RP group I got invited to turns out to be good I wanna keep pushing for some sort of public outlet that fits what I like, because I don't think it's fair if the only answer is "know the right people and get invited to a private place"

My friends' characters (and especially their friendships with my characters) are very important to me

Commissioning these Telegram stickers from CutePencilCase, and I tried to specifically pick stuff I'd actually use a lot:

- Laugh
- Surprised
- Holding bowser's sourpuss bread
- Holding an asexual flag
- Holding a YCH character's paws
- Celebration (with glitter and confetti?)
- Booping the viewer
- Hugging the viewer
- Offering a heart to the viewer
- Enjoying icecream

Turns out that "putting it on Mastodon" is not, by itself, full protection against word searching because Google exists (unless you turn off search engine indexing, which I don't care to)

I think I understand the parts about working from home making work/life balance tricky now

I got a really good WIP sketch of Sherbet (in foxtaur form) and I'll have my Sherbetpony account retweet it when it's done. If that doesn't get anyone saying anything then I don't know what will haha.

Turns out it's easy to have the library download and upload attachments

Every time I look at one of my old IRC logs I immediately regret it, but I wanna preserve all the history anyway


My doctor said my blood pressure was high, but that could have been the large amount of anxiety the visit was giving me. So I want to try measuring it at home, but it's hard to find a time when I'm not full of anxiety for other reasons. Even just the idea of measuring it gives me some amount of anxiety somehow too.

Even if I'm not using my IRC server for anything important I still want it to be there, and be the best alternative option it can be.

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Upgraded my IRC server to UnrealIRCd- and Anope-2.0.9 and it looks like among the new things is some sort of native chat history feature, but I don't think anything supports it aside from one web client I don't have set up.

Looks like the version I installed last year already had a history playback feature I didn't know about.

Reminiscing about something I've been struggling to have an opportunity to do feels like rubbing it in, though I know that's not the intent

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I wish the RP community I got invited to (where I finally have an opportunity to do stuff I want) would stop reminiscing about stuff and finally do something I can get involved in haha

Nova the Squirrel 2 finally has an animation for copying an enemy's ability (that I might replace if I find something better). Might have the icon fly over to Nova or into the HUD, but I think it looks nice as-is too.

Realization that my character Rosy Sky would probably use TV Tropes as an informative source to learn more about how life works haha

Tried to doodle what Maffi could look like in a virtual pet environment, loosely trying to use Tamagotchi proportions (which I guess means just chibi)

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