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I played up to the last zone in Sonic Chaos today and then the emulator I was using (SMS Advance) hit some sort of corruption bug and I couldn't continue. It seemed like a neat game, though the level design makes it way too easy to fall into pits on accident.


Turns out there's a $10 minimum order for delivery, which their pizza is too cheap for, so I'll do that another time and make a DiGiorno, which was my second choice anyway. Maybe I'll hold onto the gift card in the hopes that eventually it gets safe enough to eat in there...

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When I'm watching videos about retro console stuff and they mention the price it's going for online (at the time of the video's release), I get a little surprised and then scroll down and see the video was posted like 7 years ago.

It sucks that everything got so much more expensive, specially having it do so relatively soon after getting a job. But I've got all the consoles I want and flashcarts for all of them, so as long as I can maintain them the prices don't really affect me too much.

It's turning out to be hard to pick colors for buildings and stuff, but I think I'm making some good progress on that?

As I'm making stuff, there's some situations where a palette needs specific colors together to make something work and then I'm just using those colors together on other buildings because they're already together.


I think tomorrow I'm gonna try and get a Golden Corral pizza, since I feel like ordering from there and getting to try their food again, and I still have that gift card... The pizza is also like the only thing on the online menu that seemed nice.

I don't think it's worth ordering like, fried chicken and mashed potatoes from there; when I go to a buffet I try to get the weird stuff and make really unbalanced unhealthy meals, but you can't do that here, so pizza it is.

In my experience whenever people have some sort of map editor that allows multiple people to play at the same time, people try to make houses, and that's really cute. I have memories of trying to make houses with my sister on Halo 3's Foundry map in Forge mode.

As a teen I played a bunch of free games online and I wanted to have the premium subscription stuff they offered, but didn't have money for that. Now I can easily afford that but don't play any of those games anymore, and some of them even shut down.

I was very surprised to find it snowing last night

Here's what I ended up putting in my 10l$/week place. That gazebo is really helpful for only being one land impact, so I was able to fit it in and make something resembling a building, even though I only had a 4 LI budget.

A roof, something to eat, something to sit on, and a friend.

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SNES *is* more complicated when you're just starting out, but the complexity when you're actually making a game feels more important, though you still have to get past that initial part.

16-bit math means I write under half the code, there's no bank switching, HUDs and parallax can be done with just another layer, there's no attribute table, tilemaps are 32x32 instead of 32x30, there's multiplication and division, fading in/out can just use the brightness register, etc.

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I wanna show people that the SNES is actually easier and less complicated to program than the NES, but I'm not sure how to get that across other than to just keep being public with how my game dev is going

Mario Kart has always just kind of felt like something I play because it's an activity to do with other people, rather than because I actually enjoy it specifically, and I do really poorly most races which isn't very fun. But maybe that would change with practice.

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I got Mario Kart 8 Deluxe yesterday to play with friends, and spent several races finding my steering biased toward one side until I realized (after switching to a different controller) that, bizarrely, tilt controls are actually on by default and I had to actually turn them off.

I found some Second Life land on the bottom of the ocean that's rentable for 10l$/week so I'm going for it for laughs. You're on a boat and you just see an ice cream stand in the water below.

Commissioning art of before I even come up with a name for her. Though I did that with Ichugo too.

The plushes arrived today! I'm glad to finally have them even if it took this long. There were a lot of times when I wasn't really sure if they would ever actually be sent to me, and I'm happy I wasn't scammed.

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I don't think I would make a Pokémon character (because I want to be able to use all my characters however I like) but I like the idea of alternate forms for the ones I have.

I have art of Nova as a Raichu and Maffi as a Shinx, and I think Rosy Sky and Sherbet would fit as Audino and Alolan Vulpix, respectively. I should try to get those drawn.

I wrote a Python script to take the Famicompo archives I have and actually put proper names on the files. Some of the older Famicompo archives I have got rereleased with the correct names but I was never able to find that for the later ones, but they did come with html files with the names...

One aspect of doing retro console game dev and getting really familiar with different consoles is that I have a good idea just how hard/annoying some consoles must have been to program, so I have a lot of respect for the teams that made games for them back in the day.

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