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I made a permanent link for my discord server. Want to chill with cool people? Give us a join! (mutuals only pls)

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I'm just a funky little kitten drinking her hotted milk before bed

I'm a woman of many talents. I can hyper focus on game dev projects for hours and I also sometimes draw maybe

Just some gfs being cosy ๐Ÿ’œ

Lovely art by Melzinoff over at Twitter!

I'm going to spend the last energy i have today working up the courage to DM people who confirmed they're ok with it. Wish me luck


Grabs a spoonful of peanut butter, as a treat

Table top implies the existence of a table bottom

I woke up and got filled with thoughts about cute girls and nb people h

I'm going to put so many lesbians in my video games

I still need to teach my keyboard to suggest me the naughty language i keep using

Like he'll and duck

If I take longer to respond it's because I got a new phone and I forgot where the purple heart emoji is

Making a lil list with games I'd like to stream when I finally TF into a vtuber

Forces my child to make cupcakes with their kiddie oven until they're a master chef

I like how bugsnax tried to push strabby as the mascot and everyone just looked the other way and at the aggressive hamburger

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