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Idk why people keep following me from but ok sure

mpreg joke 

If someone draws mpreg of Robotnik would he be called pregman?

Getting new followers on here is weird I barely post

Really? Discord takes away your custom tag when nitro runs out? Fucking lame

I love it when someone's fursona is a mythological creature, like a dragon. Or kobold. Or an opposum

Sorry I left your discord server because of mental illness

Keep thinking about a tumblr post that mentioned how kiwi isn't supposed to have a mouthfeel like pineapple. That's how I found out I'm allergic to kiwi

Imagine paying for uno on steam

*This post was made by tabletop simulator gang

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just made possibly the world's laziest #homestuck bloodswap. all I did was erase the blood parts and then add a layer under it with a hemo-rainbow haha

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