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Sorry for being a pathetic little meow meow. I can not help it

Your catgirl gf when she meets you: "Meowdy purrtner"

Why are there so many high school dating sims. I want to date disasters who are in college

I love ad blockers I love never having to see a single ad

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Clownfish with gold and lemon scales. They are small and has an average build. On their back they have taupe fluffy wings. Their tail is short. Their hair is silver, medium length and fades into turquoise. Their eyes are peach and they wear contact lenses. Their most interesting feature is their job as a clown.

Made a tik tok specifically so I could keep up with two people making fucked up recipes

Pros of commissions:
Get to draw people's cool fursonas

Have to stop drawing and wait to see what they think of it while I really wanna keep drawing h

I like it when people commission me for like minecraft skins or png tubers. They're kinda off the menu items for me

Kinda fucked I can't just donate my nuts to a trans guy


We should sexualize catgirls more

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Does anyone know how to not have "unlisted" as the default post privacy? It's been locked as the default ever since I locked once

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