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So my mixer deviced to start smoking and emitting a smell of molten plastic. Doesn't sound like it's supposed to do that

Perks of dating me:

- Making out
- I will make you grilled cheese
- Cat

Pet death mention, pokemon 

I'm still not over the fact they bulldozed the pokemon tower, full of people's poor old dead pets, and build a radio tower at that place

I'm sorry to everyone who entered my account and got cat hair on their clothes

I just found out tusky allows you to log in with multiple accounts. Rad!

I'm glad I don't work at Nintendo. I could not have kept a straight face in the Minecraft Steve crotch steak meeting

asking for money, boost appreciated 

So uhm I just lost my job in the middle of a global pandemic while trying to deal with a lot of mental health stuff, if you wanna help to move the date where I run out of money further back then pls go here:

Pls only send me something if you have enough.

I actually used to play second life and I didn't want to pay so I got nothing but free clothes and did nothing but fish to grind for virtual money

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The pro of my fursona being simple is it'll be pretty cheap if I ever want to make a second life avatar

I want to pick a different blood color. Make mine purple

I'm done with the furry fandom. I'm fully going clown core

Art, oc, monster, furry?? 

Y’all like bara monster dudes right?
If so, you may be interested in my favorite boy Leocuse here

Dutch catgirls be like "De correcte naam is frikandel en het was bedacht in 1954 in Dordrecht door slagersknecht Gerrit de Vries, miauw"

Drawn eye contact 

Lineart commission of @deejvalen's lovely birdmouse

#art #commission

As a cat I have no choice but to steal your socks. It is my nature

Back pain 

I played shoppe keep for 2 hours straight and fucked up my back doing so. What's up

"Oooh, I like this artist! Where's their stuff at?"

Tumblr Link - Dead
FA > FA > FA > FA > FA > "This user has disabled their profile."
Twitter > Different Twitter > "Went to mastodon."
Instance > No longer exists
IB > One picture, link to the third FA

"Whelp. Don't like them enough to hire a fucking PI to find out where they're posting now."

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