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Introducing a new char, Soren Saekni! He's a snake. (Lines & design help from!)

* He is Cyril's boyfriend (snake boyfriend)
* He can shapeshift between forms freely but tries to convince people it's controlled by whether the hoodie hood is up
* He's a dork actually

Fire arm/gun 

acab dogmode in full effect this is a police state disrespecting good boy zone fuckers

Player vore digestion 

What if da vinci didn’t invent any of that stuff and just had the creations of problematic people attributed to him. Also he was a vocaloid

Future historians looking back at our culture like “this hatsune miku person sure is prolific. The da vinci of her time”

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

hey hi everyone i barely post here because i'm too busy appreciating my snake boyfriend

hypno/not explicitly horny but maybe kinda horny 

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