This is probably the first time in five years that I've liked someone and they've felt the same way back. People don't ever like me back, or they lead me on, or whatever. It's frustrating and painful. It feels stupid to talk about because I'm married..

Today the girl I've been flirty and romantic with and interested in dating seriously told me she needs to take a step back for her own health - she has a lot going on. While I appreciate and respect that she's doing the right thing, it still really hurts.

I really really really do not want to let a single person dictate my feelings like that. It's just a person.

I'm feeling lonely. I can't tell if it's due to crush stuff and me reading too into things and interpreting everything wrong and secretly thinking she hates me or if I'm just depressed or what

Got into a public confrontation thing on birdsite and my anxiety is through the roof ugh ugh ugh

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w/ every boost this toot gets, a terf gets punched

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Feeling really yucky in some weird kinda way. Nauseated and shaky and shivery and anxious, restless. Laying in bed feels gross, everything feels gross!


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