I started up the used copy of Tamagotchi I got. Memory list was completely blank, but there was a Babytchi named ANNIE who looked miserable.

I fed her, played with her... and then switched off the game because I was actually fighting back tears of joy from seeing her so happy.


I am pleased to announce that ANNIE the Used Game Boy Tamagotchi and I are no longer completely awful at the Sports Game. (I had to press the A button. The manual told me that, but I guess I forgot.)

She then evolved into a Marutchi, but the screenshot I took is a bit blurry.

I ended up looking up some guides for Tamagotchi for Game Boy because the manual and in-game help were super vague. Based on ANNIE's stats, I think I was already doing okay!

Unfortunately, Mine (Selfishness) went up by 1 while I was saving this screenshot. Oops. I'll do better.

It's been a few months, but I wanted to check up on ANNIE the Used Game Boy Tamagotchi, who was sleeping right where I left her.

I know this version lets you speed up time to wake them up, but I couldn't bring myself to disturb her sleep, so I ended up turning the game back off.

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