The weather thing on my taskbar's been doing this a lot lately...

It's not often I see a Final Fantasy game mixing up Haste with Paralyze!

Apparently in Castles II: Siege & Conquest, if you have an equal amount of every resource when you attempt to send a merchant, it lets you trade food for food...?

It's been a few months, but I wanted to check up on ANNIE the Used Game Boy Tamagotchi, who was sleeping right where I left her.

I know this version lets you speed up time to wake them up, but I couldn't bring myself to disturb her sleep, so I ended up turning the game back off.

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Furry vore 

First vore I've drawn this year! ...and it was made in Mario Paint! On a real Super Nintendo!

I've been wanting to learn to make stuff in Mario Paint, so I practiced drawing Cooper Cat from Toon Blast.

I ended up looking up some guides for Tamagotchi for Game Boy because the manual and in-game help were super vague. Based on ANNIE's stats, I think I was already doing okay!

Unfortunately, Mine (Selfishness) went up by 1 while I was saving this screenshot. Oops. I'll do better.

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I am pleased to announce that ANNIE the Used Game Boy Tamagotchi and I are no longer completely awful at the Sports Game. (I had to press the A button. The manual told me that, but I guess I forgot.)

She then evolved into a Marutchi, but the screenshot I took is a bit blurry.

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Furry art, pondering character redesign 

I think maybe brightlings (some magic dragon-wolf creatures I made) should have antennae instead of the horns I've been giving them so far.

I started up the used copy of Tamagotchi I got. Memory list was completely blank, but there was a Babytchi named ANNIE who looked miserable.

I fed her, played with her... and then switched off the game because I was actually fighting back tears of joy from seeing her so happy.

I recently picked up a used copy of Tamagotchi for the Game Boy. I've never had a Tamagotchi before, though, so I decided to seek advice...

...from AI Dungeon.

Apparently NES games on Switch can still crash from having too many objects on screen. I was on Stage 3-2 of Kid Icarus when the music slowed down and then this came up. Clicking OK took me back to the game selection menu, do not rewind, do not collect 200 Hearts.

I tried to get AI Dungeon's Griffin model to tell me the rules of the Death Note.


Something I just recently noticed about FFXI is how some shops have raised platforms so smaller customers like Tarutaru can see over the counter! Come to think of it, is there anything like that in Eorzea for Lalafell?

FFXI, furry, amorous tone 

Oh hello, who's this cute wolf I found in the PlayOnline profile pictures~?

FFXIV screenshot drawover 

I just spent the last few days drawing over this FFXIV screenshot I took a few years ago. No idea why I did that, but I think it came out good.

ACNL, 2020 snark 

Now that's the kind of witty sarcasm I expect from Maelle. :blobfoxsmirk:

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