Oh hey, FFXI is having another free login campaign soon. Maybe I can see about actually being eligible this time.

The weather thing on my taskbar's been doing this a lot lately...

cw: animal death, animal rescue 

Woke up early this morning to the sound of a pair of crows attacking the pigeon nest on my balcony, killing one young pigeon and injuring the other, so I spent my morning getting the bird to a trained volunteer.

ph, sleep problems 

Lately I'm having trouble telling when I'm even tired. I haven't been getting sleepy, just numb.

Finally went back and finished River City Ransom! I would have done that a few years ago, but I guess I missed some dialogue or something because I didn't know at the time how to get to the end. And then my password didn't work.

It's not often I see a Final Fantasy game mixing up Haste with Paralyze!

Ah... just picked up my tablet pen and noticed a layer of dust had been forming on it. :blobfoxlaughsweat:

Apparently in Castles II: Siege & Conquest, if you have an equal amount of every resource when you attempt to send a merchant, it lets you trade food for food...?

Just played Super Mario Advance for the first time and I really didn't expect that voice for Wart!

I mean, I kind of imagined him having a voice like that, but I didn't think they'd actually do it...

ph, really gross 

Woke up in the middle of the night choking on my own vomit for no discernible reason... :blobfoxdead: But I think I'm okay now.

@Yseult @pup_hime Not to mention the GBA version of SMB3 with all the eReader content included. Meanwhile on 3DS, there's the first couple generations of Pokémon games, compatible with 3DS wireless and Pokémon Bank...

i get shutting down the wiiu eshop but 3ds? wtf nintendo

If I ever make a turn-based RPG, one thing I will make sure to do is streamline the battle animations. That means showing battle messages during the animations, not during a three second pause after. Showing multitarget spells affecting every target at once, not one-by-one.

It's been a few months, but I wanted to check up on ANNIE the Used Game Boy Tamagotchi, who was sleeping right where I left her.

I know this version lets you speed up time to wake them up, but I couldn't bring myself to disturb her sleep, so I ended up turning the game back off.

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ph-, blood, COVID vaccine side effects 

The side effects sure started up quick this time. I was sore all over in under twelve hours, and woke up with dried blood in my nose. Luckily I seem to be recovering about as fast, but my head still hurts too much to think at the moment...

ph, vaccine 

Finally got my vaccine booster! I wanted to get it a lot sooner, but I had to get over a cold or something first.

Furry vore 

First vore I've drawn this year! ...and it was made in Mario Paint! On a real Super Nintendo!

ph, food 

With my fast metabolism, I have trouble achieving a balance between "howling at my appliances to cook faster because I feel like I'm starving" and "tired from eating too much at once".

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