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Vore dream 

Good morning, just had a dream where I didn't wake up right before getting eaten~

Who knew Charizard stomachs were that brightly lit?

Twitch stream 

About to go live with a speedrun of Capcom's survival horror RPG for the Famicom, Sweet Home! Be aware that this game contains grotesque depictions of violence, some jumpscares, and rapid flashing.

sleep problems 

How many nights in a row is it that I've started dozing off in the middle of eating, and then woken up the next morning extremely tired and unable to fall asleep again? I wasn't counting, but I think it was about four.

I tried to get AI Dungeon's Griffin model to tell me the rules of the Death Note.

Oh, I stayed up late because I was overthinking how to say what I wanted to post again. Well, I guess I'll sleep on it, then.

Some of the custom Death Road to Canada sprites I made got overwritten by an update, and I had apparently forgotten to make backups, so I had to redo them... and then I somehow managed to overwrite them with an earlier version myself and had to make it yet again.

ph (-) 

Had a toothache, but I managed to clean the tooth enough myself to get rid of the pain... only now the pain is in the gums above that tooth instead.

Looks like I'll need a dentist...

draw your oc with expressions picked from one of those "games with 500% facial animations" videos

ph (-) 

Starting to feel better now. Still have no idea what caused all that, though. I don't think it was vaccine side effects because it was only the first dose... Possibly food poisoning, or maybe I picked something up while I was out getting the vaccine?

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ph (-) 

Just threw up about four times, and then about four more times... and then I started feeling sensitive, broke out into goosebumps, and curled up shivering.

COVID-19 anxiety 

Well, I've finally gotten to schedule an appointment for a vaccination soon... The catch is that I have to take public transportation to get there.


On second thought, maybe they just use Raubahn.

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Something I just recently noticed about FFXI is how some shops have raised platforms so smaller customers like Tarutaru can see over the counter! Come to think of it, is there anything like that in Eorzea for Lalafell?

FFXI, furry, amorous tone 

Oh hello, who's this cute wolf I found in the PlayOnline profile pictures~?

food (-) 

Normally when they're out of something, they look for a replacement that meets all the same dietary requirements, and refund it if they can't. In this case, all the vegetarian refried beans were swapped for traditional.

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food (-) 

Looking closer at the groceries I ordered yesterday, it looks like all the specifically vegetarian items were replaced with non-vegetarian equivalents.

Were they actually out, or is that just because I ordered on April 1st? I knew that was a bad idea.


Last night I had a dream about a modded SNES Squaresoft RPG resembling SaGa with a Super Game Boy color palette. I don't remember the plot, except the final "battle" was a race with futuristic hovercars on a racetrack in space, and the ending had a countdown telling me to switch the game off before it crashed. I waited out the countdown and it crashed and erased my save, and then I started from the beginning with everything glitchy and corrupted.

Today's the day where I get nervous about saying anything to anyone because I feel like they'll mistake it for a joke or a prank.

Crossposter test 

Right, there's a delay and the exclusive emotes don't work. Anyway, I probably won't use this crossposter thing too often, but I didn't want to just abandon everyone who only followed me on one site.

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