Manager sent me home. Sick day today and most likely wfh for the rest of the week.

Fully in the grip of this cold now.
Working in the office is going to be fun today I think.
Certenly won't be doing any fitness until this has cleared.

It's all fun and games until you get a low pressure warning on ALL OF YOUR TIRES AS ONCE!!!!
No damage just not topped them up in ages (like 5 psi too low)
All sorted and car has stopped yelling at me^^

Got the Sage arms I was thinking of working into my protogen for his healing role.
These clipped into bits of his armor with matching colours (they would need to be purple and the yellow parts maybe the blue of my middle horn but only glow when active).
That or foldable stick like ones?

In my office in the centre of Cardiff with the Wales game at 10am.
Gonna be an interesting day I think.

Trying to apply for promotion.
Sees interest job.
Completed tick box first part.
Second part asks for a 1250 work essay as to why I want the job.
Is a severe dyslexic and mild dypracsic.
Withdraws application.
This sucks.

Was 15C in my room when I woke up this morning.
Time to statg leaving my fan heater on a bit.
Yes I have central heating but costs.

Maxing out reps this week.
15x3 on everything.
Today is an arm and chest day because I've been in A&E on my get for 5 and a half hours with the housemate.
Everything came back fine but good to have it checked ^^

So this is Mastordon.
Back up account following all the Twitter madness going on.
Hi again if you know me and hello if your seeing me for the first time^^


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