Covid / Donations 

My boyfriend has covid, and all my current Toyhouse OC sales will be going to help them:

Here's their individual donation post:


popeyes chicken sandwich perfect food

congratulations lesbians on being visible for an entire day

hmu if you'd like a toyhouse invite code, i have like...20 of them

was reading manga and found the perfect representation of my kind of genderfluid

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Getting monhun rise!! Very excited for it to download in uuuhh *checks switch* 9 hours

Just my favorite art I think I've made. Lots of lil glowy lights.

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Kind of thinking of having a maned lioness but also a hyena... together... makes them kiss

Gender musings 

I found out my Gender recently and I'm just kind of reeling from it @_@ but basically is girl + agender. I'm a girl but also a Creature. Like a creature who is coincidentally a girl

Selfie / Eye Contact 

I got a collar!! I love it :3


just thinking about my favorite shirt

I am obsessed with this cinnamon coffee but it's so expensive to get shipped and I can't find it in stores anymore ;w;

Food / Drink 

I went to a cute coffee shop the other day to help with the cabin fever and got a very cute and good vanilla & cinnamon latte. It made me remember the cute little coffee shops in Oregon but they're much harder to find here in GA.

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Sheep with blush and amber wool. They are small and fat. On their head they have one sharp ochre horn. Their hair is ruby, very long and curly. Their eyes are beige and they wear agender flag colored cateye glasses.

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