my break actually made me like gamedev again and in addition im actually really excited about what im working on

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i promised I wouldnt do any gamedev this weekend by the game dev urge today is strong

@SerenaBeancatte I mean obviously you should try to make your code clean and readable IF you can and you think it's worth the time investment

But that should be for the sake of your colleagues and your future self, not for Twitter randos

@SerenaBeancatte I feel like this is true for any software project but ESPECIALLY games because of the ridiculous amounts of different stuff that goes into making a game

Here's a secret for u: the code of literally any finished game is going to be a mess in SOME capacity.

@SerenaBeancatte vvvvvv's got a 800-case switch statement and Terry just threw that entire thing on github for the world to choke on. man of steel right there

Remember that time a gamedev got bullied off of twitter because they didnt indent their code lmao

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Please for the love of god cut it out have you ever seen the undertale or even Mario 64 decompilations it'd make your head spin

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Theres a reason I keep on coin flipping over releasing source for things and its fucking this

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Yandredev is an ass and does some ass backwards coding stuff but i fucking hate how the end result is people crossing their arms when code isnt the most elegant or when a project is taking a bit of time lmao

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I genuienly think we need to talk about how any coding thats even vaguely "hackey" in any capacity tends to be dunked on when its mostly functional by people who have never written a piece of code or finished anything in their life

Almost wanna invest in picoCAD so I can pre-render some stuff for some future projects

Touhou 18 being revealed as soon as I got into the series just means you should give me free copies of games/series you want sequels to happen for. just saying

you should give me a little kis on the cheek. just a lil idea

Anyway I should pick up Touhou Luna Nights when im not broke it looks neat

Every other trans femme has a beautful voice except me

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