I dont like celebs very much, but I guess I can make an exception for Eiliot Page

@SerenaBeancatte when i reminded you about taking your medicines you put a cardboard box on your head


If you think me id'ing more non-binary means I want to be on hormones less: hahahhaha

i like it when people are nice to me because it sometimes makes up a lil for how much i viserally dislike myself

i wonder if I have a posistive influence on anyones life

Im meant to be taking a break from it for the rest of the year but every time I see a cool gamedev video I wanna dive back in

its wild how a lot of british media to me ranges to "genuienly endearing and important to me" to "this is awful and im pretty sure its racist somehow"

who do i commission to draw my sona like a twink

i wanna make a game that has the exact vibe of a godfrey ho movie someday

Its a shame that new terminator was apparently kinda bad because Im kinda in love with the idea of arnies character being a terminator who after completing his mission, intergrated himself into society to the point of getting married.

Prodeus is way neater than I thought i'd be and I think its half because "what if the older dooms were modernized in a different way to 2016" is a question it asks and it ends up giving it a flavour of its own?

Like its still very "doom in all but name" but also whats there in this early access release is already very good

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