It'll always bother me that practically all video games/accessories from the 90s that saved used a limited-life battery to do it, and that they pretty much always didn't design it with any reasonable way to replace it

Why couldn't they have just used a socket?

@ShiningWing this tbh, I guess they never expected anyone to want to use the product for long enough for that to be worthwhile :/

@ShiningWing Because they couldn't care less about preservation unless they can make money off it?

@ShiningWing replace all the batteries with a tritium nuclear battery, get a few a few decades more of saves. But yeah I had a N64 game cartridge that battery died and it wouldn't ever save which was annoying.

@Codeawayhaley I have a Controller Pak for N64 that’s dead, which sucks because I now have like four games that need one to save

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