You have two buttons arranged horizontally which control the volume. The correct arrangement is:

Huh, interesting; no clear consensus. The reason I ask is because I have a keyboard with horizontally-arranged volume buttons that are in the left-down, right-up configuration and I often get them confused. So it doesn't seem like I'm alone in the idea that it's not intuitive--but I don't think the other way is either.

I think the logic is that this arrangement corresponds to other horizontal volume sliders in media players and the like where the louder end of the slider is to the right.

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@Galuade They can have other symbols or whatever on them, I'm talking mostly about what they do

@SimonTesla okay in that case definitely down on the left, every horizontal volume indicator ever has 0 on the left so defying that convention would be a bad idea

@SimonTesla if I had to guess I'd say that this probably derives from the left-to-right reading of many languages, so it makes sense for a horizontal volume bar to "start" (0%) on the left

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