Gah, for the first time in my life I forgot to renew my car tabs - because when I changed my address with the WA DOL they only updated it for my driver's license and not my car registration, and for some damn reason the USPS didn't forward my renewal notice either.

I'm amazed I haven't been pulled over for this yet; I guess I somehow managed to avoid cops for the past week. Not that there's a lot of cops out in White Center and I rarely drive to Seattle (like I did today...)

anyway I've renewed online, so technically I'm legal again even if I get pulled over before the tabs arrive. And cops are pretty lenient for me anyway... I'm white-passing. :P

just to be on the safe side I've also printed out the proof of renewal on the very unlikely event that I get pulled over driving up the street to the grocery store

anyway why the hell didn't USPS forward this mail? considering some of the stuff they have been forwarding, and all the charities who have managed to mail my new address directly...


@fluffy From what I understand, senders can pay to have a piece of mail returned to them with the new address instead of forwarded if they use the "return service requested" note on the mail, so that might be what happened.

@SimonTesla That explains how the charities got my updated addresses, but it doesn't explain how the Washington Department of Licensing didn't get their very important obviously-to-me mail forwarded. I should probably contact USPS and ask wtf is up with that.

@fluffy @SimonTesla Some government agencies request not to be forwarded. I know Oregon sends licenses by mail as a proof of residency.

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