why are dark souls players so enthusiastic about version control anyway? they keep telling me "git good"

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nsfw art of my fursona, ghost hands 

nsfw art of my fursona, ghost hands 

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I'm definitely #1...

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there are two types of people

1. enough OCs to populate a small country and you know all of their favorite foods

2. only one OC that you’ve poured every hope, dream, and fear into and unsure if you have the emotional fortitude to ever make another

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So with that said! If you are able to, PLEASE get a flu shot, even if you think it “gives you the flu” (it doesn’t, it just gives a preview of the symptoms you’ll be missing out on), because that helps to protect people who can’t get the vaccine but are high-risk. Herd immunity is important!

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"How about treat people the way you would want to be treated????? Please be normal about this."

"You got it." I say before introducing myself to strangers by handing them pictures of cute snakes and drawings of my sonas. I tell them I'm proud of them for all the hardships they've overcome in their life.

Don Bluth, da ba dee da ba da, da ba dee, da ba da

> The hardest things to say are
> I was wrong
> I need help
> Worcestershire sauce
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