A super-talented artist by the name of Stéphane Richard (known previously as Wootha) dropped a bunch of their work into the public domain.

How much?


@Stephen_Stone although his scope of terracide is different, the lack of meaning in performing work on behalf of businesses as opposed to making your own change is very much relatable. i quit working as a programmer because i couldn't take the meaninglessness of it. i sat there alone in front of a computer and wrote code for things that felt insignificant and uninspiring, and hardly interacted with people, and the main form of gratitude was more assignments. meanwhile, all the other things i could be applying myself in languished.
@Stephen_Stone there has always been this part of me who asks "yes, but why?" and the answer always prompts another "why?"
@Stephen_Stone it wouldn't be inaccurate to say that i don't really believe in earning money. or rather, doing things i don't want to because i need money is something i'm very bad at.

That's really cool of them, but packing it as a single 90GB torrent makes it so inaccessible.

Like - I don't even have 90GB free on my laptop right now :/

I love the examples I've seen in the manifesto, but I can't seem to find his work elsewhere online. Most people who would benefit from this art being in PD don't need the source files, they would be happy with large .pngs

Dunno how I feel about it. I really appreciate the move, but the way they released it feels a bit like a stunt.

@FredBednarski Gotta disagree; it does save on bandwidth for them. There are many torrent clients that lets you download just a single file. Someone else can upload it to Archive or Wikisource. It’s a gift.

I do host a CC-BY-SA gallery of images I made and I’m over $1000 in the red on that one, on VPS fees, not even counting labor/time. (Mostly from it being up so long, over a decade now.)

I wouldn’t wanna dis anyone who gave away so much of their work which, unlike mine, is actually good and usable. It’s not just a stunt and, to the extent that it were, I’d say it’s a pretty legit one.

@Sandra @FredBednarski
>There are many torrent clients that lets you download just a single file
The torrent contains a single .zip file.
A torrent is the correct choice though. But don't put archives in torrents kids.

@sirvertalot @Sandra @FredBednarski
There is an alternative download with a different structure, although it still has a bunch of large zips.

@grainloom @sirvertalot @Sandra

This is great. It seems it's still being worked on, so hopefully there will be way to peek inside the giant 90+GB zip :)

@FredBednarski @grainloom @sirvertalot @Sandra

@ajroach42 was looking for a legal torrent source to teach folk how to download these things 😉

@vfrmedia @FredBednarski @grainloom @sirvertalot @Sandra the internet archive is full of them, but I'll go with big buck bunny probably.

@Stephen_Stone Is it on Adobe's website by choice? Do Adobe know they're having shots fired at them?

@Stephen_Stone that's generous and interesting, but also what does this man have against putting multiple paragraphs in a single block of text? Did a blog post kill his parents? :p It's like a reading a twitter thread, only more annoying.

@Stephen_Stone There seems to be issues with the zip file in the torrent (yes, the torrent is for a zip file annoyingly). I read reports on birdsite that it contains some 200 MB of non-corrupt data. 7z on my computer says about 23 GB. I'm in the process of extracting the contents still...


Scanning the drive for archives:
1 file, 99214093916 bytes (93 GiB)

Extracting archive: ../

Headers Error
Unconfirmed start of archive

There are data after the end of archive

Path = ../
Type = zip
Headers Error
Unconfirmed start of archive
There are data after the end of archive
Physical Size = 23198147662
Tail Size = 76015946254

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