For I offer four of my favorite fictional female characters. (I would’ve put Gadget Hackwrench here, but that would’ve been too easy a call. :blobfoxlul: )

I give you these screencaps from the latest Street Fighter 6 announcement for future shitposting purposes. :blobfoxlul:




aside from the gender of the person discussed in this meme: it fuckin’ me

god I need to get my shit together so much

the madlads did it

they actually fuckin’ did it


(source is for the record)

oh hey, someone made an emoji meant to attack me on a personal level

found an artist to do the picture I was wanting done; they sent me this warmup page for my approval, which I gave immediately :blobfoxlul:

artist is

gameing; RE8age; Silent Hill; spoiler-ish meme 

And for the hell of it, here’s a blank template version in case y’all wanna use it for whatever. :blobfoxhappy:

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gameing; RE8age; Silent Hill; spoiler-ish meme 

I mean, mentioning the name of one of the areas in the game isn't *really* a spoiler, but better safe than sorry.

Happy - I’d link to the YouTube original of this, but it’s been globally blocked, so…yeah…

I have a small habit of remaking memes/image macros that have been JPEG’d to holy hell and back. I was gonna remake one that was spiritually the same as the image macro I’m posting right now, but I couldn’t find the original image for it—so I grabbed an image off Unsplash that had a similar idea and made this instead. :blobfoxlaughsweat:

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